Film School Scholarships

A lot of people dream of directing a movie but it’s very competitive and expensive to get there and that is why film school scholarships are something that is very important. Here are some of the film school scholarships that aspiring directors can look into to help them to achieve their dream.

Horror Scholarship Through Star Costumes

The first of the film school scholarships is this one.  There’s $1,000 that are awarded by Star Costumes to that student who dreams of working in horror.  To be eligible, the student has to be a minimum of 18 and have a GPA of 3.0 while at either a graduate or undergraduate school.  It’s mandatory that they’re also studying something that they’ll need for horror, like special effects or makeup.

Women in Film

The second of the film school scholarships is through this organization. This is an organization that is non profit and which assists women in finding opportunities in all of the film industry areas.  The scholarship that they provide is need based and competitive for different fields in the film industry. For eligibility, the student has to be studying at one of California’s film schools which are affiliated with the organization and be able to prove that they are in need financially.

Phi Delta Theta

The third source of the film school scholarships is through Phi Delta Theta. They offer the Francis D. Lyon scholarship, which is one that was named for one of the members that enjoyed a quite successful film career. The scholarships are for #3,000 and those who apply have to be enrolled in a film program which is graduate or even undergraduate.  It’s required that they show need financially but they don’t have to be a member.

Scholarship Program Through Eastman Kodak

The last of the film school scholarships is through Eastman Kodak, which offers a scholarship in the amount of $5,000 so that they’re able to find future filmmakers.  The applicant who is successful has to submit the movie he or she produced as well as show an academic record that is strong.  He or she also must provide recommendation letters from film school faculty. There’s a jury who is made of leading cinematographers and filmmakers that will determine the winner.

These are four great places that aspiring filmmakers can look to for film school scholarships.  They are all designed to help those who want to work in film to get the education they need.



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