Farming Grants for Women

Studies by the USDA have discovered that there are a lot of farms that are owned by women.  Therefore, there is an increased need for farming grants for women. This post is going to cover the topic of farming grants for women and hopefully offer some information that women farmers can find useful to help them get the money that they need.

The goal of some of the grants is modernizing the farm equipment. Not all of the grants for farms are financial, they will often come in technology, livestock, equipment, education, seeds, land, and labor forms.  They are going to cover all types and areas of farming, from farms that are hydroponic vegetable to dairy farming.  Because women are thought to be a minority class, there are farming grants that are created just for farmers who are women, but they can still apply for the grants that don’t have a distinction for gender.

Qualifications – If you are willing to plant a new grain type, it might help you to get a grant.  The specifics of the qualifications are going to be dependent on the person who is issuing it.  Just being a woman who owns a farm may not be enough to get that grant.  You may have to show that you need the grant, you may have to implement some new technologies, and you may also have to participate in researching new feeds, fertilizers, or seeds.  Each of the farming grants for women has a different set of deadlines, restrictions, and rules.

Considerations – When you are down to your last dollar is not the time to apply for a grant, because the process doesn’t happen overnight.  It’s also important to remember that to write a successful and effective grant proposal is going to take some technical skills.   If you don’t have those skills, it’s a good idea to hire someone to write the grant for you and help with the application.

Farming grants for women are something that can be found readily if you know where to look for them. But it’s important to remember that you may have to do things that you may not agree with in order to qualify. Look at the requirements for each of the farming grants for women that you are considering and think about whether you want to do what they are asking. Usually the requirements are reasonable, so you shouldn’t worry about that.

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