FAQ About the Pell Grant Program

There’s a lot of information about the pell grant program on the Internet but there are still some questions that people have about the program that they want to know about.  Here are some of the frequently asked questions about the pell grant program that people are asking.

What’s the Pell Grant?

This is a grant from the federal government that is need based and normally given to the undergraduate students from all over the country.

How can I apply for one?

You apply for a Pell Grant by filing out one of the FAFSAs by the deadline.  This is the universal application for the government for those who need financial aid. When you fill out one of these forms, you’re basically applying for a Pell Grant.

What’s the FASFA?

This is the application you’ll have to fill out for a Pell Grant annually.  It stands for Free Application for Student Aid, and it’s available to be filled out on the Internet or through a written form.

What does EFC stand for?

It stands for expected family contribution. It’s something that’s calculated when you complete the FAFSA. It should be an indicator of what your family is able to contribute to your education in college. It’s something that’s considered when eligibility and amount of the Pell Grant.

How can I be eligible for a Pell Grant?

Whether you get a positive status for eligibility for a Pell Grant is going to depend on a couple of things – your EFC and the requirements that are laid out for the Pell Grant, such as if you’re a citizen, your chosen school, your degree program, and whether you have a criminal record.

What’s the maximum amount I can get?

For the 2010/2011 school year, it was $5,500 a year or $2,750 each semester.

How’s my amount determined?

The amount of your Pell Grant is going to be determined by the financial aid office of your school using formulas that consider different factors, such as EFC, attendance cost, and enrollment status are the big ones.

These are some of the more popular questions that people ask about the pell grant program. When you know the answers to these questions, you are going to be able to know whether or not you might qualify for the pell grant program. The pell grant program is something that has assisted a lot of people and given them the opportunity to attend college.

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