Entrepreneur Grants

There are those that are just not content being in the employ of others – instead they prefer taking the professional and financial risk to be an entrepreneur. If you have the blood of an entrepreneur flowing through your veins, then one of the most essential tasks you face is financing your endeavor. There are a number of sources to obtain capital including banks, family, and private investors. One resource that you might not think of but should nevertheless investigate is entrepreneur grants. Depending on your situation, you may look to women entrepreneur grants or even entrepreneur private grants.

  • Government Grants for Entrepreneur Endeavors. US government grants for small businesses are often specific to an industry. For example, various grants exist for agricultural fields and include research grants, animal health research grants, and land grants. Others are for the technology industry are often project grants to fund research into new technologies. One site to find grants is http://www.federalgrantswire.com/.

  • Local Government. Many cities have economic development offices that can provide information about local programs to encourage new businesses. If an area is lacking in a particular service, such as medical or education, there may be tax incentives and other funds available.

  • Minority Issues. Various organizations have an interest in supporting both minority entrepreneurs and nonminority entrepreneurs that pledge to hire minorities. One such organization is Operation Hope (www.operationhope.org) which has programs in 11 states. There are also government grants for Veterans, Disabled Veterans, Women, Senior Citizens, International, Native American, and other entrepreneurs classified as disadvantaged.

  • Resources. A variety of resources are online to assist those that wish to become entrepreneurs. Some will guide you through the process of finding funds, others will point you in the right direction for franchise opportunities. For example,

    • Entrepreneur.com has information about starting a business, marketing, sales, advertising, franchises, home based businesses and more.

    • The Kauffman Foundation is the world’s largest foundation devoted to entrepreneurship. Their website has innovative information as well as a listing of grants available. http://www.kauffman.org/ Additionally, information can be found at http://www.entrepreneurship.org/ done in partnership with the U.S. Commerce Department’s International Trade Administration (ITA).

  • Famous Entrepreneurs. A great deal can be learned by studying the practices, policies and lives of famous successful entrepreneurs. For example, how did Oprah Winfrey get to be a billionaire? How did Walt Disney go from sketching a rabbit to running a multi-billion dollar empire? Bill Gates started making money at the young age of just 13 and has never stopped, yet is a Harvard college dropout.

Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. Some even argue that many of the traits of a successful entrepreneur cannot be learned. Even some of the most successful have failed at some previous endeavor, but persistence, patience, and a drive to succeed kept them in the game.

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