Employment Help for Felons

When you have had a felony conviction, you sometimes feel as if all doors are closed to you. But there are some places where you can find employment help for felons. The places below are where you can find jobs for felons and be able to get back into society. Hopefully this list of jobs for ex felons will give you some hope.

Armed Forces – Starting in 2006, one of the places to go for employment help for felons is the Navy and Army of the United States. In order to join, it’s required for an ex-felon to have a waiver from either the Defense Secretary or the Under Secretary. The MILPECEN’s Commanding General will usually grant the waiver.  Four years ago, there were 511 army recruits and 350 navy recruits who have felony convictions.

UNICOR Federal Bonding Program – Since 2006, this program gives insurance of as much of $5000 to those employers that give jobs to ex-felons.  Those who’ve worked at least six months under this program in the federal prisons, while they were incarcerated, can get this.  The coverage has to be looked for within 12 months of their release, and that is why it’s a good place to go for employment help for felons.

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit – Some rehab programs are open to those who have been convicted of felonies.  The incentive is given to the employers that hire people with felony convictions when they have been out of prison for a year.  This is something that a lot of restaurants use by giving jobs to those who have been convicted of felonies.

Consumer Surveys and Market Research – a great place to go for employment help for felons is through get paid to sites. These sites give the user pay for doing different things.  The main reason that this is a good job for an ex-felon is that these sites don’t do any background checks so the people don’t have to worry about not being hired because of their past.

Felons a lot of times have trouble finding work but when they know what to do and where to go, they’ll find that there is work out there that they can do. These are the four places that people can go for employment help for felons so that they are able to get back on their feet and get their life back in order once again.

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