Do You Need Private Cash Grant Now?

Type “need private cash grant now” in your search engine and you are liable to bring up all kinds of websites – and many of them will be scams. Beware the “QUICK CASH” promises – the only way to get “quick” cash is to rob your piggy bank or use your ATM card – assuming you have any cash there to begin with. So, now let’s address finding grant money from nongovernment sources without concerning ourselves with speediness.

Perhaps you are looking to private funding sources because they generally have fewer eligibility restrictions than many federal or state grants. Keep in mind that private grants by their nature will have a lot of applicants so you will often have more competition with them.

  • The process.

    • Review various funding institutions for the type of grant you are looking for. Look at their history – what have they funded previously will give you a good idea what they are likely to approve.

    • Carefully consider the eligibility requirements. Don’t waste your time or theirs if you do not qualify.

    • Timing. While some funding institutions accept applications any time, others have deadlines. Also, even if there is plenty of time until a deadline, check to be sure they don’t limit the number of applicants and do not wait until the last minute. Just a day or two can mean waiting an entire year till you can apply.

    • Format of application. Each organization will require applications in their approved format. You cannot prepare one application and send the same one to a number of organizations.

    • Proposal. Be prepared to submit a proposal once your application is accepted. Sometimes there is just one submission – either an application or a proposal or combination of both. Your proposal will also be expected to fit a specific format which may vary depending on the type of grant, amount of grant, and terms. It will most likely include some sort of narrative, summary and budget.

    • Follow up. If your proposal was not accepted, try to find out why. Ask if you can submit a revised proposal if it was turned down for something you can rectify.

  • Finding privately funded grants. There are many websites that allow you to search for private grants. Some are industry specific while others are general; here are a few to get you started:

Last word of advice is to pursue several potential funders at the same time. Keep a record of each and follow up with each one. It also wouldn’t hurt to take advantage of the workshops being conducted around the country that can educate you on what works and what doesn’t. There are also many books written on the subject.

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