Diabetes Education Grants

Due to the staggering numbers of people who are diagnosed with diabetes each and every year, there are a lot of diabetes education grants available since a lot of people want to see a cure for this terrible disease. If you are interested in becoming educated in diabetes and doing your part to help to find a cure, there are a few diabetes education grants that you might want to look into to help you get your education.

American Nurse Practitioners

This foundation offers grants each year that are put toward the education in the prevention and research of diabetes. The grants are provided to those applicants that are qualified and who work as nurse practitioners and are members of the AANP.  So that you are able to qualify to get grant funds, you have to be a US resident and you have to have completed the qualifications and requirements of education when you apply. Those who want to apply for this grant can apply directly through the foundation. For more information, please go to their website at aanp.org.

Sigma Theta Tau

There is a grant for $6,00 through the Sigma Theta Tau  and it’s dispersed once annually. It’s a grant that tis designed to help with offsetting diabetes education, awareness, and care cost, and it’s awarded to the nurses who are qualified and who are working in health care.  For a nurse to qualify the applicant has to be a registered nurse as well as earning their master’s degree when they apply.  There will be preference given to the members of the society.  For more information, see the website nursingsociety.org.


This foundation gives out grants each year that are going to be used toward preventing, educating, and researching juvenile diabetes. The grants are issued to medical schools, hospitals, universities, colleges, and health organizations in the community which are counseling, lecturing, and providing education in the community about juvenile diabetes.  So that they can qualify, applicants that are authorized have to hold either a D.M.D, a DVM, a Ph.D., or an M.D., or they have to hold an authority position at a research facility that is easily recognized. More information can be found at the website jdrf.org.

Diabetes is a terrible disease and that is why diabetes education grants are so important. Maybe one day this disease will be cured and no one will have to deal with it ever again.


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