Dell Scholarships

Those who are interested in going to college but don’t have a lot of money might be able qualify for Dell scholarships. Most of the Dell scholarships that are available are through the Dell Scholars program. Below is some of the information about the criteria needed for these scholarships.

In order to qualify for one of these Dell scholarships through the Dell scholars, the criteria must be met by the applicant:


  • Be a participant in a program to get them ready for college that is approved by the foundation for at least two years.
  • Graduate from a high school that is accredited the year that they applied for the scholarship
  • Demonstrate a financial need
  • Have at least a 2.4 GPA
  • Plan to enter a program for a bachelor’s degree at an institution for higher learning that is accredited the fall following high school graduation.
  • Either be a citizen of the US or have permanent residency.

Those who can get the Dell scholarships through the Dell Scholars program are the ones who demonstrate their ability and desire for overcoming barriers as well as achieving goals. The application is evaluated upon the following:


  • That student’s determination to be a success
  • That student’s goals for the future and what they plan to do to achieve those goals
  • That student’s ability for communicating any hardships that student overcame or is currently facing
  • That student’s ability to motivate themselves to complete coursework that is challenging
  • That student’s demonstrated financial need.


There are a few more things that you should know about Dell scholarships.

  • The applications are accepted between November and January 15.
  • The application must be submitted online – no paper applications are accepted.
  • Homeschooled students are ineligible for this scholarship.
  • There are no fees for applying for this scholarship.

Here are some hints for filling out the application:

  • Avoid using slang or abbreviations in answers
  • Proofread the essay before submitting application
  • With your essay, tell things that the questions don’t cover
  • When you choose someone to recommend you, make sure that they know you both personally and academically.

If you want to know more information about the Dell scholarships and the Dell scholars program, you can go to the website found at  There’s a lot of information there that you can use about these scholarships and the program.


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