Delaware Scholarships and Grants

If you’re looking for Delaware financial aid for college, you’ve come to the right place. There are many financial aid options available through the state and through local organizations. While many are available only for Delaware residents, some can be used for non-residents attending Delaware colleges. At any rate, these can give eligible students the boost they need to get to college. Here are several Delaware scholarships and grants to check out:

  • Scholarship Incentive Program (ScIP)

This program is only for legal resident of Delaware and legal US citizens, as well as some eligible non-citizens. Students must demonstrate financial need by filing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid at Students must also be enrolling full time in undergraduate programs at regionally accredited educational institutions in either Delaware or Pennsylvania. Students can also use the money to enroll in an out-of-state program at a school that offers an option not available at the University of Delaware, Delaware State University, or Delaware Technical and Community College.

The award for the ScIP program varies dependent on the GPA range of the student applying. Undergraduate students who can demonstrate need and have a GPA of at least 2.5 are all eligible for a $700 award. From there, students with higher GPAs get larger awards, with the largest being a total of $2,200 for those with GPAs of 3.75-4.0. Graduate students who meet the requirements automatically qualify for a $1,000 Delaware grant.

To apply for this scholarship, students should first fill out the FAFSA by April 15th. The grant is not automatically renewable, so students should resubmit at FAFSA each year they intend to enroll full time in an eligible college or university. For more information on this program, visit

  • B. Bradford Barnes Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is an excellent opportunity for Delaware high school seniors who are in the top 25% of their classes and who score at least 1800 on the SAT. Students must enroll full time at the University of Delaware to take advantage of this scholarship, and they must fill out the FAFSA prior to the February application deadline.

This award covers all tuition, fees, board, room, and books for up to four years at the University of Delaware. Students can continue to be covered by the scholarship by maintaining a 3.0 GPA throughout their college careers.

To apply, students must submit an application, a transcript, an essay, and a completed application that lists academic and extracurricular accomplishments. Students can apply starting in December by filling out the Common Merit Application at the DHEO’s Student Account Access Site: Students should set up an account and fill out the application before the February deadline.

  • Charles L. Hebner Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is named for a former Speaker of the State House of Representatives. Students who win this award can use it at either the University of Delaware or Delaware State University. Students must enroll full time and major in either humanities or social sciences, with preference given to political science majors. The award covers full costs of schooling, including tuition, room, board, fees, and books and is renewable for up to three years as long as students maintain a 3.0 GPA.

To find the acceptable majors for this award at each college, go to You can apply for the award in the same way as the above award by filing out an application at the Department of Higher Education’s Student Account Access site.

  • Herman M. Holloway, Sr. Memorial Scholarship

This scholarship is also for legal Delaware residents and is applicable at Delaware State University. Students must enroll full time to qualify for the award. For this award, students must be in the top 50% of their graduating class and must score at least 1350 on the SAT.  Students can apply for this award through the Student Account Access Site using the common application for merit-based scholarships.

  • Governor’s Education Grant for Working Adults

This grant is excellent for working adults who wish to return to school to further their education. To qualify, students must be eighteen or older, have a high school degree or GED, and reside in Delaware. The maximum amount offered by the grant is $2,000 per year of eligible enrollment.

This award is limited to certain institutions that have agreed to the payment schedule. The Governor’s Workforce Development Grant pays 65% of tuition and fees; the participating school pays 10% of the tuition and fees, and the worker or his employer pays 25% of the tuition and fees. Participating institutions include New Castle County Vo-Tech School District Adult Education Division, Polytech Adult Education, Sussex Tech Adult Education, Delaware College of Art and Design, Delaware Technical and Community College campuses, Delaware State University, Goldey-Beacom College, and Wilmington University.

In order to qualify, students must enroll in non-credit audit courses or enroll part time in 11 or fewer hours of course work. Students must also allow the school to release their grade information to the Department of Higher Education. In order to qualify, students must not exceed 300% of the Federal Poverty Level, which is recalculated each year and which is based on a sliding scale of the number of people in a family.

  • Delaware Teacher Corps

This isn’t really a grant program, but it can help those interested in an education degree pay for college more effectively. Students who are enrolling full time in a public Delaware college, who graduated in the upper half of their graduating classes, who had an SAT score of 1570 or higher, and who have at least a 2.75 GPA may be eligible. The most preference is given to middle and high school math and science teachers, and secondary priority is for special education majors.

This award is actually a loan up to the cost of tuition at the Delaware school. Unlike other Delaware grants and scholarships, the Delaware Teacher Corps is conditional. Students must teach in Delaware public schools to pay off their loans. The loan is renewable for all four years of college, and is paid off at the rate of one year’s worth of a loan with one year’s worth of teaching. To find out more about this loan, go to the Department of Higher Education website.

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