Creativity Scholarships

Even though most of the scholarships are looking for just applications, essays, and recommendations, there are some creativity scholarships that rely on whether or not a student is creative to give them money for college.  Here are some of the creativity scholarships that students who are creative can apply for.

Writing Scholarships

Those students that are good for writing are able to get money for college with the writing creativity scholarship.  The Ayn Rand Institute, which honors Ayn Rand, has two contests for writing essays. Both of the contests ask the students to write essays based on questions from two of the novels by Ayn Rand – “We the Living” and “The Anthem”. The scholarships are from $30 – $3,000. There’s more information at the website –


Poetry Scholarships


The second kind of creativity scholarships are poetry scholarships.  One of the contests is run by The National Poets Society of New Jersey and their website is here The awards from the contents range from $100 – $500.

Art Scholarships

The third kind of creativity scholarships are art scholarships and there are a lot of scholarships that can be found here.  One of the contests that offers scholarships is through The Alliance for Young Writers and Artists. This contest has prizes of $1,000 -$10,000 in scholarships and its open to both artists and writers. Two other creativity scholarships are the Creativity and Citizenship Award and the New York Life Award, both of which are $1,000.

Music Scholarships

Finally, there are creativity scholarships based on musical talent. There’s the Bland Music Scholarship Contest, run by the  Lions Club of Virginia, which allows the students to compete musically to get money for college.  It’s held at a few Lions Clubs in Virginia and the tops in the group moving into a contest which is the whole district where they’re able to win more money for college. The amounts for local are $200 and for taking first at districts the person gets $2,500.

It’s nice when there are people who are noticed for their creativity and that they are awarded for it with money for college. Creativity scholarships are something that helps people who can’t afford college otherwise to go.  When you have a creative talent and you are good at it, then look into creativity scholarships to help with paying for college.  You may find that it’s easier than you think.


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