Concord Law School Financial Aid

The more widespread and accessible computers become, the more education institutions are using it to reach out to those who might never have a chance to take classes or complete degrees.  This is even true for advanced degrees; you can get a doctorate in almost any subject through an accredited online program.  Many people will choose to pursue a law degree at an online school such as Concord Law School, a division on Kaplan online schools, and that is why a lot of people look into Concord Law School financial aid.

A law degree is expensive, even if you go through a relatively economical online program. Even at Concord, a four-year program costs nearly $10,000 a year—cheap by some standards, but not easy to come up with.  One of the most important benefits to any online course of study is the fact that these programs offer the same sort of financial aid assistance that traditional classes offer. Concord Law School financial aid has a department ready to assist its students with managing the costs of attending law school.

Some of the approaches to Concord Law School financial aid include:

  • Federal. The federal government will loan you money for law school tuition, guarantee the loan to the bank that issues it, and give you breaks on repayment.  The loans are low interest and can either be consolidated for a single education payment, or can be paid with low monthly payments.
  • State. Every state has support for its students.  There are state merit scholarships for anyone maintaining a certain GPA, in addition to state-backed loans.  There are also often loan forgiveness programs to anyone willing to serve up to five years in an under privileged area.
  • Private. Private financial aid includes scholarships and grants, and even low-interest loans that some foundations make available to students.  Private sources might include scholarships or grants for women, minorities, adoptees, immigrants, veterans or children of veterans, people with disabilities, or people who perform well in an essay contest.  Depending on your own situation, there may be several sources of privately funded financial aid.
  • Military. Those who serve in the military in any capacity are eligible for the GI Bill, which means that the government will pay some of the costs of their education as a reward for their service to the country.  This kind of financial aid can vary depending on which law program you want to enter, how long you served in the military, and what rank you attained.  Your financial aid officer can help you figure out how to apply your military benefits to your Concord Law School education.

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