College Scholarships for People Over 65

People getting a degree after they have retired is not something that is that unusual and that is why there is a lot of call for college scholarships for people over 65. But sometimes it’s hard to find scholarships like this.  Although there aren’t specific scholarships for people over 65, there are colleges in North Carolina that are tuition free for people who are older. Listed below are a few examples of them.

North Carolina Wesleyan College

This college offers a program known as Silver Scholars, and this program allows those who are over the age of 60 to take any of the courses on a non degree basis which is based on the available space.  These courses include undergraduate programs. Those who are meeting the requirements of the minimum age are able to enroll for up to 6 hours each semester.  Even though the tuition’s waived, there are books, materials, and administrative fees that the students have to pay.  There is more information at the college’s website:

Durham Technical Community College

This college authorizes there to be a waiver of a credit course each semester for any of the legal residents of North Carolina who are at least 65 years of age. The students have to purchase materials and books and pay any fees that are additional.

North Carolina State University

This college, although it doesn’t have any college scholarships for people over 65, does have an option that’s tuition free for those who aren’t going after a degree. Those who are senior citizens are able to attend any of the classes free in the fall and spring, but they’re required to buy their materials for class.  It’s required that they show proof of their age when they register.

These are three colleges in North Carolina that, while they don’t have college scholarships for people over 65, offer tuition waivers for their students who are over the age of 65. A lot of people choose to go to college when they are retired and they want to do something more with their life, but they don’t often have the money to do it. That is why tuition waiver programs are so nice.  It’s great that there are colleges that offer the opportunity to those who are in this age. For those who are 65 and older in North Carolina, these are three great places to look into to make their life richer.

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