College Scholarships and Grants for People With Crohn’s

People with Crohn’s want to do everything that other people want to do and that includes going to college, and that is why college scholarships and grants for people with crohn’s are so important. One of the best known of the college scholarships and grants for people with crohn’s is the one that is offered through the Crohn’s and me website. Here are some instructions on how you can apply for this particular scholarship.

Here are the steps for applicants to follow if they are interested in applying for this scholarship.


  1. Submit the application prior to February 11th of the year.
  2. Make sure that all of the sections are filled out correctly by a professional colleague or school official, the student, and a doctor or other professional in the health care field
  3. Successful applicants are going to be based on the following:
  • An essay of one to two pages about how the student’s living beyond Crohn’s disease boundaries to demonstrate both personal achievement and academic ambition, and the ways that the scholarship’s going to impact the life of the student.
  • At least two recommendation letters, one of which has to come from a teacher and one that’s come from someone in the community. There’s a maximum of three total.
  • A recent photograph of the student which is nonreturnable, and which should be labeled with the address, name, and phone number of the student.
  • A letter which confirms the diagnosis of Crohn’s disease, including the course of it and how severe it is, from the physician who is treating the student on the letterhead of the physician.
  • If the student needs more room than what is provided on the application, then they are able to attach the papers to the application.


Those who are eligible for this one of the college scholarships and grants for people with crohn’s are the following:

  • Students who are legal United States residents
  • Students who have been diagnosed with the disease by their doctor
  • Students who are looking for one of the following: graduate, undergraduate, or associate’s degree, or those who have enrolled in an educational program through a trade school.
  • A student that’s demonstrated ambition academically, as well as embraced a life that’s overcome the Crohn’s disease boundaries.

For those who are interested in learning more, they can go to the website found here: There is a lot more information about the scholarship there.


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