College Grants for Mature Students

There’s a lot of college grants for mature students due to the reason that a lot of people are going back to school to help them get a better job due to the  bad economy and job market.  If you are looking for college grants for mature students, here are some of the ones that you can apply for listed below. They often are going to require proof your age/and or your financial problems, an outline of all your career goals, and a well written essay.

  • Jeannette Rankin Women’s Scholarship -This first one of the college grants for mature students is offered each year to those women who are older than 35 that are looking to complete education as well as prosper financially.   So that a woman can qualify, the women must be at least 35 years of age, enrolled in an accredited program to get their vocational, bachelor’s, or associate degree, and they must show that they’re in need financially. She must also write an essay that has an outline of their educational as well as professional goals.
  • Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation Scholarship for Mature Women Students – This second one of the college grants for mature students is one that is offered to the women who are at least 25 years old. For a owman to qualify, she has to have completed a minimum of 60 credits to her bachelor’s degree. The money is given directly to an accredited university or college that the woman is attending. The amount of the reward is going to depend on the need of the student, but for 2009-2010 there was over $650,000 given out.
  • ASIST – This third of the college grants for mature students is one that is created for older, nontraditional students.  The program’s goal is to assist the adult students to improve their professional as well as financial situations, along with their self esteem. For a student to qualify, they have to have some clear educational goals, demonstrate need financially, older than 18 and have to be going to college for their very first time.  An award amount of $2,500 is available each academic year.

These three college grants for mature students are places that older students can go in order to get help paying for college.   The student just has to be sure that they qualify and that they’re following the instructions of the application.

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