Careers for Felon

When someone has been convicted of a felony and they are looking for careers for felons, they are often wondering what kinds of companies will be willing to hire them.  Here are some of the most likely kinds of felon friendly jobs that are going to hire someone who has been convicted of a felony.

  • Commercial/truck driving – These careers for felon are traditional that offer a good paycheck and are always looking for new drivers.  A lot of the truck drivers are coming up on retirement, so there are possibly 200K jobs in the truck driving industry looking to be filled.
  • Jobs in Food Service – The second of the careers for felon Waiters/waitresses, baristas, bartenders, and anyone else in the food service industry is going to be a good match for an ex felon.  This industry is always in need of people who are reliable and hardworking. It doesn’t pay a whole lot up front but you can get a lot in tips.
  • Delivering Pizza – Another type of careers for felons is delivering pizza. It depends mostly on the tips, but when you’re working in a good, busy town, you may find that you’re making a very good salary.
  • Moving – If carrying and lifting doesn’t bother you, you should have no trouble getting a job at a moving company. Like the two above jobs, it doesn’t pay a lot but it’s going to be steady and you’ll find you’re building up a good work history that is just as important as money.
  • Jobs in Military – If you show that the recruitment officers for the military that you’ll be a really good soldier, you’re going to find that they have waivers.  The benefits and pay are decent when you compare them to the other jobs for felons that are available.

These are some of the careers for convicted felons that you should look into when you are doing a felon job search as an ex felon.  They may not pay you a lot but you can put them on your resume and show people that you are willing and ready to work.  A lot of people are wary of hiring felons because they think that they’d rather get money a dishonest way than work for a living.  But when they see that you’ve been working and earning money the honest way, it can change their mind about you and therefore change your life to give you the chance to turn it around.

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