Can a Felon Get a Passport

A lot of felons when they are released from jail are wondering can a felon get a passport. They want to get on with their life and they want to be able to do things that a normal person can do, such as travel.  Can a felon get a passport ? The answers to this question are below, as well as some other information about can convicted felon get a passport.


The first thing to know about can a felon get a passport is that it’s identification that is internationally accepted and it’s issued by the government. It’s something that identifies the person to the foreign nations, and this is going to help them to decide whether they want the person to come into the country. Most of the Americans who have a felony conviction are going to be able to get one without a lot of difficulty.


The second thing to know about can a felon get a passport is that most convicted felons aren’t going to have trouble getting a passport from t he United States. Since it’s an identification form, the process of applying for one doesn’t evaluate if they are going to commit a crime again or go into the assessment of character.

Compulsory Denial for Passport Application

The third thing that felons should know about the answer to can a felon get a passport is that there is something known as compulsory denial depending on the felony conviction. Those who were convicted of international trafficking of drugs and the felons that are under release programs that are supervised for crimes involving controlled substances are going to be denied.

Those who have loans that have accrued while they were incarcerated overseas are going to be denied. If the felon has been forbidden to leave the United States, if he or she has a warrant that is outstanding from the federal government, or if he or she has been said that they were a flight risk while waiting for an impending trial, the application is going to be denied. Finally, if the felon is thought to be a threat to international or national security, they will not get a passport.

These are some of the things that you want to remember when you are wondering can a felon get a passport.  Most felons can get one but some are denied based on their circumstances and what they did.

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