Available Grants for Daycare

At some point in their lives, most people will have been in daycare, needed daycare for their children, needed daycare for their parents, or operated a daycare. So it would come as no surprise to be told that they can be expensive – both to operate and to use. What may be surprising is the availability of grants for daycare. You may be asking, “are there grants for my child’s daycare?”  Or you may be interested in daycare grants for single moms.  Or you work with a nonprofit and want to begin a daycare service. Here are a few of the programs available that address the issue of daycare:

Federal Programs. Various federal programs exist to assist states through grants and service programs to begin and fund nonresident programs for children, elderly and impaired adults that are enrolled in nonresident facilities, attending before and after school programs and even assist those staying in emergency shelters.

Community Programs. Churches and civic associations often have daycare programs that are offered at reduced or even free rates for those in need. Others like Lions, Rotary, and Kiwanis may donate funds to projects.

Associations. To find assistance in starting a daycare, look to local small business and women’s associations for advice. You may be able to get financing from the Small Business Administration (SBA). A special loan program may be available in your state. For example, Washington and Oregon have child care funds. Generally speaking, most grants are only available for daycares with a non-profit status, so you may want to consider that route.

Employers. Check with your human resources department – some larger companies offer funds to their employees to cover the cost of daycare. Others even operate an on-premise daycare for the children of employees. Some may be totally free while others are at a cost far below public facilities.

School Programs. Many schools offer daycare programs before and after the regular school day hours. Since they usually receive some federal funds, the cost for these is generally minimal.

Daycare. Sometimes the best source for grants is the daycare itself. They will have information about a number of grants that perhaps other attendees have located. There may be local private donors that will provide some funding.

Scholarships. Before you can operate a daycare, most states require some sort of educational certification. It may involve just a few courses, or a degree. Look into a scholarship to assist you with this step.’

Whether you need assistance in starting a daycare or using a daycare, there is help available. It is worth the effort to investigate what exists in your area.

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