Autistic Scholarships

More and more children are being diagnosed with autism these days, and the need for autistic scholarships is greater than ever.  Those students who have autism and want to go to college are always looking for scholarships for autistic children, so here are some of the more popular autistic scholarships that are available.

CVS Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded through the Autism Society of America and it’s known as the CVS/All Kids Can Scholarship. It’s awarded annually for an amount of $1,000 which can help in defraying tuition cost at a trade school or college that is accredited.  The only eligibility criteria is that the student has autism and they’ve been accepted at an institution that is post secondary.  The applicant has to submit their transcripts from high school, two recommendation letters, and their personal statement not to exceed 500 words.  They also have to have proof that they are autistic, along proof that they’ve been accepted at an institution that is for post-secondary.  The yearly application deadline is the 31st of March.

The Scholarship Program of the Schwallie Family

There is financial  help for college students with autism thanks to the Organization for Autism Research and the Schwallie Family Scholarship Program. There’s  a total of three scholarships which are awarded annually – one for a college of four years, one for a college of two years, and one for a trade school.  The award amount is $3,000 for students in each of the categories.  In order to apply, students have to submit a scholarship application which they’ve completed, a recommendation letter, and documentation that they have autism and that they were accepted to an accredited institution for post-secondary education.  Finally, the applicant also has to send in a essay that is a short autobiography of no more than 1,000 words that is going to include why he’s applying for the scholarship.

Scholarships from the Texas Tech University Burkhart Center

There two autistic scholarships that are offered through Texas tech are offered to the students that are researching autism.  The fellowship for autism is awarded each year is awarded to doctoral candidates. There is preference which is given to the students who are volunteers at the center and the amount varies from year to year. The yearly application deadline is February 1st. More information about the autistic scholarships can be found here.

Those with autism want to do the same things that everyone else does and that is why autistic scholarships are so very important.


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