Assistance for Ex Felons

When you’re a felon and you are looking for assistance for ex felons, you’re going to find that they are going to vary based on the state that you are in. The programs are going to provide different kinds of assistance for ex felons and they may be something that is organized by nonprofit organizations or agencies run by the government.  An example would be a church in the area that helps the felons in the community to get a job.


The assistance for ex felons programs are there to help prevent felons from going back to jail. A lot of the felons don’t have any support from their family or resources when they’re released. The assistance programs, including the ones that are on,, and work with people who are felons to go back into society by doing things like helping them to get identification that is valid.  There are agencies that are local like an agency in Nevada known as CREATE that have job fairs that are just for felons.

Self Employment

Assistance for ex felons can come in the form of things such as help for entrepreneurs through the SBA for helping them to start a business. For a lot of ex felons, finding employment for the long term is really hard and can often be impossible.  Instead of finding a job, a lot of ex felons think about starting their own business by making something that they can do pay off. Even though there are some of the business permits and licenses that are going to require the person to carry a gun are going to be really hard to get, there are a lot of opportunities that won’t require a large amount of money to start up.


Assistance for ex felons come in the form of programs for legal aid and attorneys that work pro bono to help the felons to expunge the criminal records that they have. an example would be the Illinois Legal Aid that explains the criminal cases that are able to be expunged and the ways that they can locate legal help.  Bar associations that are run by the state can provide assistance for ex felons to find either free or volunteer legal services.

There are different places that felons can find assistance for ex felons. All they have to do is to look and they are going to find it.  Having a felony doesn’t mean that you will have to give up your dreams.

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  1. Carol McClure Says:

    I would appreciate, very much, any information I could give to my son to help him after he comes out of jail. He has a high school degree, has worked as a chef in upscale restaurants and in a courier company. He forged prescriptions for drugs – he has gone through drug rehab, and is working as a trustee cleaning at the jail.

    He is intelligent, witty and hard working, a Christian, and God willing, he will be able to stay drug free when he is free.

    If you are unable to help, can you direct us to entities that can? Thank you, Carol McClure

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