Art College Grants

There are quite a lot of art college grants out there, and they’re offered through different art universities and colleges, or through professional organizations and charities, as well as other kinds of groups. Most of them require the artist to send samples as well as a clearly intending to go after art education or art as a career. Even though a lot will not supply all the money for going to to school, they’ll certainly help with the expenses. Here are two of the art college grants that are available and some information about them.

  • John F. and Anna Lee Stacey Scholarship Fund for Art Education –  This scholarship was started by a woman named Anna Lee Stacey by way of her will. This trust fund gives out $5,000 annually to those students who wish to take their art education further and who are planning to make it their job. Those who apply need to have an art focus; they have to demonstrate the tradition of conservatism and western culture.  Students who are U.S. citizens and between 18-35 can apply. The decision is made by a committee as to how many of the students that apply are going to be given money, as well as the way the money is distributed.  The people who get the money may also get recommendations from the committee on how they should spend the money, but in general it is able to be used in any way toward an education in conservative art. Every quarter, the recipients of this has to make up a detailed report for that committee that shows the work which has been done, including any digital images.  They will need a report that is more complete when the year ends.
  • Charles M. Robertson Memorial Scholarship -This one of the art college grants is a scholarship for 4 years that is just partial. It’s awarded each year to a senior in high school that’s graduating and that has demonstrated artistic achievement and skill. Those that apply have to be actively involved in their school’s National Art Honor Society and minimally GPA of 3.0. They also have to get a letter that nominates them as well as an endorsement from a sponsor.  Their art accomplishments have to be documented, as well as any extracurricular activities that help the community. Disks that contain 5 digital samples from the student of their original work need to also be submitted, as well as their application for the prestigious Pratt School.  If the person wants to get the scholarship for all of their four years, they have to have at least a 3.0 in their art education.


These are two places that art college grants can be received from and that help art students to achieve their dreams.

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