An Overview of Art Grants for Women

Artists often are spoken of having to struggle to get money for their projects. This is something that is particularly true of artists who are women, who usually have their issues which will limit their ability to pay for their art. A lot of them have a house to care for or have children to care for. These are the reasons that a lot of foundations have art grants for women. These art grants for women fund the women artists, which helps ensure that they have ample money, education, and time to bring the art they create to everyone.

Art is something that encompasses a lot of mediums. Painting, writing, music, and photography are all considered art, and they are things that can be covered by art grants for women.  Some of the grants are something that can be specific to the kind of art.  There is a grant that is just for feminist writers and it grants anywhere from $500 – $1,500.


Being an artist is something that can be lonely sometimes.  A residency is a wonderful opportunity for an artist to receive support and critique. A lot of residencies offer scholarships and grants as well. . These kinds of grants are offered by the Women’s Studio Workshop in New York For example, one of their residencies offers $2,000 – $3,000 in order toto cover the cost of an artist to create a book.  The grant also includes travel and housing costs for the project which takes 6 to 8 weeks.  There are also grants for artists in New Jersey as well as education grants.


A lot of grants exist just for the purpose of education, although it might not be for art. If there’s an artist who is looking to gain some new skills or maybe expand the education she has, these might be the grants may be the place to look.

This is some of the good information that women can use when they are looking for art grants for women.  It’s good to know that there are art grants for women to help them in achieving their goals in their life and getting the critiques that they need.  Art is something that often is neglected because the artist doesn’t have the money that they need to pursue it.  But with art grants for women that isn’t something that needs to happen anymore and artists can pursue what they love.

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