Agricultural Grants

Old MacDonald had a farm ee-i-ee-i-o.… so the song begins and in some versions it gets quite complicated with later verses including every animal on his farm. Actually seems quite sensible since the business of farming is quite complicated as well. Granted, farming has changed quite a bit since this children’s’ song was published in 1917. Quite honestly it had to change to meet the growing food needs of a growing nation – we now have 3 times as many people in the United States as we had in 1917. Thankfully our nation understands the challenges that face today’s farmer and has made agricultural grants available to help with the growing need for equipment, land development, research and even to bring more people into farming.

  • Government Grants. The main resource for all government grants is – simply choose “browse by category” and then “agriculture.” Agricultural education grants as well as others will be listed here. This is also a good place to look if you are an untraditional farmer – such as looking for women’s agricultural grants.

  • Sustainable Farming. Organizations offering ecological agricultural grants understand the importance of responsible farming to preserve the safeness of our food chain as well as keep yields without harming the land.

    • National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service (ATTRA) lists funding information for sustainable agriculture on their website:

    • Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) offers five types of grants: On Farm Research/Partnership, Producer Grants, Research and Education Grants, Sustainable Community Innovation, and Professional Development Grants.

  • Small Farm Programs. Loan programs are another way farmers can obtain funds to purchase equipment, livestock, and additional land or cover other costs. Some agencies also work with new and nontraditional farmers. Some to look into:

Whether you are a third-generation farmer that has been handling cows and crops since the day you could walk, or you want to learn more and are looking into agricultural grants for college, there will always be an interest in what you are doing and what assistance you may need to be successful. Over 300 million people in America depend on you!

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