African American Grants

African Americans, like other minorities, have historically faced challenges in such things as education and business. In some cases, the challenges they experience can literally stop them from leading the life they wish. Cultural differences and ignorance have limited their opportunities for many generations. However, times are changing – thanks to concerned citizens that pushed for equality and “greased” the path to open opportunities for others.

  • Education. Many organizations have paved the way for educational grants and scholarships. For example:

    • United Negro College Fund (UNCF). Founded in 1944 it directly administers grants, fellowships and scholarships as well as provide funding to black colleges and universities. Nearly everyone has heard their motto, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

    • National Black Nurses Association. They offer grants for black nurses enrolled in four-year nursing programs.

    • Morehouse College, Atlanta Georgia. Offers grants to African American students based on academic merit, athletic merit, or program major.

  • Business. There are a number of business support tools available for African American business owners. For example:

    • Wells Fargo’s African American Business Services Program. Established in 1998.

    • Bank of America’s Minority and Women Prequalification Program. SBA preapproval loan programs along with assistance in preparing the SBA application.

    • Minority Business Round Table (MBRT). A membership organization providing support to minority business owners.

  • Arts. Associations, foundations and grants for the preservation of African American history and culture.

    • Association of African American Museums (AAAM). Support for African American museums that are committed to preserving the art, history and culture.

    • Institute of Museum and Library Services. Their Museum Grants for African American History and Culture is a grant program for museums whose primary purpose is African American culture, art, history, or life including issues such as slavery, reconstruction, and the civil rights movement.

America has often been referred to as being a “melting pot” because of its influx of people from all over the world, yet some of its people still strive to have the same opportunities as others.

At one time African American grants were few and far between – and grants for African American women were at the bottom of the heap. Likewise, African American grants for business purposes and African American arts grants were few in number. Now their numbers are growing and opportunities are available for African Americans that need assistance to improve their quality of life or take steps to keep their culture alive.

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