3 Places to go for Graduate School Grants for Women

There are a lot of scholarships and educational grants that are available to women who are trying to get their graduate degree. There are graduate school grants for women which are available from many professional organizations. Some of the scholarships for postgraduate students that are female are only for applicants that are trying for a degree in a specific study area.

  • ASSE Foundation – One of the graduate school grants for women  is through here.  This foundation makes money available to women graduate students who are pursuing a degree in occupational safety and health or a field that is related thanks to something known as the Thompson Scholarship for Women in Safety. This is a scholarship which is awarded each year for $1,000. For a woman to be eligible, she student must be a student who is enrolled in college full time. A student doesn’t have to be an ASSE member or U.S. citizen for eligibility. The yearly deadline for applying is December 1. Students who are interested need to visit the website of the ASSE Foundation website to learn more
  • WID HORIZONS Scholarship is another place to get graduate school grants for women. It is an affiliate of the NDIA and gives out scholarship money which is available to graduate students who are women through the WID Horizons Scholarship.  These scholarships are available in amounts that are going to vary from $1,000 to $7,000.  An eligible applicant must be a woman, must show financial aid,  has to be a citizen of the United States, her GPA has to be at least 3.25, and has to be in pursuit of a career which is related to national security or defense. She also has to be able to show how their degree is going to relate to work in the nation’s security.  The yearly deadline is July 1st and interested students can find more information on the WID website.
  • Scholarships Through the ELA Foundation – The third place to go for graduate school grants for women is here. The scholarships that are gotten through this foundation are available to graduate students that are female and have a disability that is documented.  The scholarships are will vary in the amount and only are available for helping with tuition cost. Eligible students have to be female, have a disability that is physical, must be in pursuit of their graduate degree, and has to be a member of the AAPD.  As well as completing an application for the scholarship, applicants have to submit an essay of a 1,000 words on how she’s going to change the look of disability on earth. The deadline for this scholarship is June 1 and students who are interested should go to the website for more information.

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